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Achievement of 17 Global Difficulties 36 trillion cell rejuvenation that delivers health to all












Development Basis

Thirty years ago, feeling the limitations of technology, "I wished to be of service to the world," and for four years before developing the guidelines for the future strategy of the heart, I cooked gomagi at a temple and prayed to the gods with my thoughts in heaven. After deciding on the guideline of the heart, the future strategy project began. There were no lighthouse route guidelines, no destination to aim for, no literature, and no present location in my mind that I would arrive at 30 years in the future. The warp phenomenon that connects to the future is a latent ability. The psychic ability "to vividly visualize the glory of the future" was visualized in my brain. At that time, I was rowing a small boat on the Pacific Ocean and started to make life decisions without regrets, and sailed on the rough seas of life into the future. The development was automatically stored in my brain without writing down a million experiments. Experiments began with plants. When a plant trunk is damaged, it produces sap to heal the cells. The electron technology for water was used to purify a sewage pond of 3,333 tsubo for 5 hours. Electrons were radiated from the reviving water, and after the oxidative bond decomposition of air, the water was illuminated. Plant resuscitation technology to revive damaged cells cured tempura 200℃ large burns for 14 days. Aging cell rejuvenation built 28 years old theory. In the reviving water, salmon. Bonito. Sardine. Tuna. The fat of the autumn swordfish was instantly dissolved in fat. Medical diabetes patient had been on medication for 30 years and the number did not go down. Reviving water dissolved fat in the body for 14 days. A hay fever sufferer who had a stuffy nose for 30 years was cured in 1 minute by spraying Reviving Water. Negative. The patient said that it has been found. After drinking the reviving water and gargling, "throat and nose" corona ion benzene nucleolysis non-toxic invention, no one caught cold and zero corona invention. Broken old damaged aging cells rejuvenation 28 years old theory constructed. Improvement of blood stain of intractable diseases. Invention of the technology that eliminates the need for medicine. Achievement of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all of which were evaluated to be worthy of the Nobel Prize. Self-taught, highly refined biotechnologist with a PhD in MBN and plans to enter university. Still in the process of life. Plant revitalization technology for air oxidation. Water challenges. Dementia. Improvement of body constitution. Women's body problems. Doctor's name for intractable diseases. We hope we can be of help to you. Thank you for your kind attention.

Bio technology



100 years ago, water, sky, soil, sea, rings, reviving revival technology.

The SDGs began with a wish to be of service to the world.  0⃣ - The development began with Chinese herbal medicine with a focus on skin and hair chemistry. Water electron technology plants produce sap when their trunks are damaged and heal wounds, and they do not wither for three and a half years in air-conditioning. Healing medicine. Resuscitation medicine. Restoration technology. Successfully developed 1200°C temperature combustion ceramics by kneading plant technology into clay. Developed advanced, highly functional and superior biotechnological technology through a wide range of experiments carried out one million times. The result was the achievement of 17 SDGs to solve the world's most difficult problems. Biomedicine is 'preventive medicine before illness'. Environmental purification experiments are "after the disease, reviving medicine", reviving water electron radiation => sewage 3333 red tide decomposition. Corona bacteria decomposition 'environmental sewage' and 'internal sewage' polluted by mankind, disease and sewage are in tune with each other. Sewage ceramic treatment decomposes the root of freshwater red tide BOD14 => 1 year later BOD2.6 Freshwater red tide springs to shrine, no boil at all for 12 years. Amazing environmental pollution control. Methane. Typhoon. Corona. co2. blood clots. All things ion atomic structure "oxidative bond decomposition" dirty water => revived fresh water by electrons. The blood purification method of the revived water drip solution is the intracellular accumulated food debris 'oxidation => decomposition => compression => coagulation => precipitation'. Dirty blood is bright red. Corona decomposition [oxidation] => [revival] Same mechanism.


Plant technology is "Immunity. Healing power. Revival power. Antimicrobial power. Restorative power. Regenerative power" Ceramics, 6 hours after contact with tap water - the water is revived. Corona consists of 'sebum' and 'proteins'; PCR test confirmed by health authorities. Nose. The tip of a cotton swab accumulated in the mouth has a 'four-layer corona bacterial array'. Thus, the reviving water electron radiation corona array structure decomposes. The corona accumulated in the mouth and nose has no PCR test, 100,000 people do not catch colds, the corona sequelae are prevented, mosquitoes and bees itch and the pain is non-toxic due to the structural arrangement of the venom being changed. Plant cell regeneration technology: 14-day radical healing of major burns at 200°C. Blood vessel damage was developed from the root of the cell to rejuvenate the blood vessels of 28 years old. 72-year-old man with dementia, water spray to revive the head ⇒ decomposition of dirt in the brain that passes through the skull. Memory impairment improved. Cancer is decomposed by the solution of sewage drip. Blood clot dissolution. Diabetes dissolved. Pain itching dissolved.  0⃣Corona. CO2 dissolved. Lifestyle-related diseases and constitutional improvement need HOTEL. Contribution to the world 30 years of self-taught development Invention that extends the national interest by 1,000 trillion yen. Japanese government's view, all technical items of resuscitating water are Nobel Prize-worthy, true story told. 4 SDGs. 17 types of resuscitation theory technology developed.

I. new farming


 (ii) Greening that also realises subsistence trade that eliminates poverty and hunger

The way to turn rainwater into drinking water is to attach a jar to the bottom of the bottle, put ceramics that clean the water into the jar before putting dew paper on the lid, and when it rains, the water that passes through the dew paper becomes revived water. There are 800 million people in the world who cannot afford to eat. The way to produce water for the poor is to use the desert to produce 'vegetables and fruits'. The new agriculture is an example of how to grow "vegetables and fruits" in the desert. Pumpkin vines grew from 1m shriveled to 28m in 28 days after being given reviving water for a few days. The Salon experiment was a 1m ornamental plant given special enzymes every day. It grew 3m 50cm in a year and a half (summer and winter) and lived in the air-conditioner without withering. Furthermore, the bamboo that was given reviving water grew from a height of 5 cm to 1 m 50 cm in 45 days at a surprisingly fast rate. Electrons were radiated from the reviving water, five metals were incorporated into the cell nucleus, and the reviving water's electrons caused activity and the plants grew even in the dark. The reviving water has excellent fermentation and fermentation starts when it is spread on the soil. Reviving water PH 7.8 alkaline. Oxidised soil PH 5.4. average value 7.5. pesticide-free cultivation improves the soil in three years, although it is usually said to take six years. Ladybirds boil and eat the pests, so pesticides are no longer needed. The water source in the desert is pumped out of the groundwater pooled underground and 100,000 seeds are rolled. The water is used to plant crops in the soil, and the desert greening produces steam, clouds and rain. The plan is to bring Amazon rain to the desert. Vegetables. Soya beans. When the corn is harvested, it will generate huge amounts of money and employment in agriculture, helping 80,000 people around the world who cannot afford to eat, and the technology will help the poor out of hunger.

 2. Global Warming


 Fossil fuels, coal gas, air pollution Air purification

Bioceramics developed from plants, a technology that breaks down oxidative bonds in the earth's space. Many people have been at wedding ceremonies next to sewage water in shrines, where the smell is the source of the foul odour, and the oxidised wedding hall is caused by the smell of dirty water. In an experiment to purify the water quality of the invented ceramics, the sewage quality was improved for five hours by using sera-dosing electrons for 3333 tsubo of sewage from a pond. After one year, the pond's sewage water had a BOD of 14.0 ⇒ 2.6. The smelly pond water was revived. A letter of appreciation for the sewage purification work was delivered from the shrine. Further experiments showed that rusty water can be revived by placing a sera electron catalyst next to the rusty water, a technology that decomposes putrefaction and decomposes sewage. Rejuvenation of ageing old cells, osteoporosis 28 years younger. Anything is oxidised and decomposed, oxidised objects are revived, and various objects are decomposed and revived. Electrons were emitted from the reviving water and the electric bulb, which had been cut off for a year, was switched on. After filling a gasoline tank with a cupful of reviving water, bad odours were instantly decomposed by electrons. The smell disappeared from the muffler and became odourless. When the atomic structure of the odour, benzene nucleus "yin" x "yang" two structures, is decomposed by electrons, the form of the odour disappears. After the ionic benzene nucleus of the bad odour is decomposed, the odour of petrol is decomposed. Heavy oil is revived by mixing with water and crude oil increases in 10 minutes, becoming new petrol that does not emit CO2 and decomposing global warming. Global warming decomposition. Vegetables in the fridge after reviving water treatment. Clam. Fried fish. Strawberries frozen in the fridge. How to cool seawater, reviving water is household. It is used in restaurants, purifies rivers, heals mudflats, rides the Kuroshio Current and purifies the oceans. It becomes steam, clouds and decomposes CO2 in space. It purifies the world's oceans and skies.

3. Cow burp


Cattle manure stench decomposition. Fly-free global environmental purification.

The way to stop milk from spoiling is to add 30%. If you add reviving water, it instantly becomes yoghurt and after two weeks at room temperature it becomes cheese. Spoilage is stopped and putrefaction is stopped. Stage 4 breast cancer in women disappears. The structure of the cow's burp is ('yin' x 'yang') two structures ion benzene nucleus 'decompose the structure with electrons' The cow's burp disappears. The oxidation of air causes things to rot [oxidative fermentation] and smells. The shrine was boiling freshwater red tide like muddy water and smelled putrid. Sanyo Broadcasting also came in at 10:00 AM - when the Kibitsuhiko Shrine bio-ceramics were sprinkled", emanation started from the bottom of the pond and bubbles were coming out. When it rained, the sewage disappeared at the moment of discharge of the rain and electrons accumulated in the pond. One year later, algae grew on the bottom of the pond and the pond was restored to a BOD of 2.6. Reviving water electrolysis made with bioceramics. Drainage ditch decomposed overnight. BOD decomposition in 5 hours in the pond's sewage electrons. Cows produce faeces all year round, and the barn and environment are badly infested with maggot flies. Environmental purification technology: by putting 10 ceramics that revive sewage in the barn tank, the oxidised water in the tank is changed from "oxidised" to "revived". Even the working environment is changed. The smell of the barn also changes. Cows have four stomachs, which produce a stinky burp due to 'oxidative fermentation'. The reviving water from the tank - after drinking, it is revived and fermented in the stomach and the burps are broken down. Cattle faeces are fermented, the putrid smell disappears and maggots no longer boil. The polluted environment disappears and the stench that flowed into the rivers disappears. Flowing sewage is replaced by fresh water.

4. typhoon



Typhoon year 17 million damage relief reviving water electronic decomposition

Typhoon damage caused 700 deaths when the typhoon hit Japan. Typhoon damage 170 billion yen per year. In the United States, in 2005, 23 trillion yen in damage and 3,000 deaths. 100 trillion yen in damage by 2022. Resuscitating Water Resuscitator breaks up typhoons. Example: There is an actual example of water purification in a pond with sewage water of 3333 tsubo decomposed by electrons in 5 hours. The typhoon is disintegrated in an instant by the atomic structure of the typhoon, ion benzene nucleus (yin) x (yang) = two electrons. The cost-effective prevention of typhoons is decomposed by the CO2 electrons stored in the space. Furthermore, the reviving water is used at home and after use to improve lifestyle-related diseases and reduce medical costs. Corona termination is achieved by electrons decomposing sebum and light white matter in the corona. In restaurants, the use of revitalised water results in zero food waste. Purification of drains flowing from the kitchens of prosperous restaurants. Heals small animals in mudflats and flows into the world's oceans, lowering the sea surface temperature from 26°C to the normal temperature at which typhoons occur. Global environment purification CO2 decomposition. Large typhoon prevention technology. Bioceramics are used to purify seawater, which in turn purifies the sea. Food chain technology that has been used for a hundred years to grow algae in Tokyo Bay. Average temperatures can be lowered by 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is the only way to stop the melting of the world's glaciers and bring the earth back to the way it was 100 years ago. The CO2 decomposition technology is the only way to stop the melting of glaciers all over the world and to bring the earth back to the way it was 100 years ago.

5. end of corona



Corona "sebum" and "protein" = reviving water dissolution

Coronavirus is the same phenomenon as mountain sickness. Altitude sickness is caused by climbing high mountains, where the oxygen is so diluted that there is no oxygen available to the whole body, breathing becomes difficult and the whole body becomes immobile. People suffering from coronavirus can, for example, wash their food in tap water, which is 100% rancid. Oxidised food contaminates the blood and lowers immunity, leading to lifestyle-related diseases. The cause is people in hospital. People taking medicines. People with low immunity and healing power suffer from hay fever. People with dirty blood are assumed to be susceptible to coronavirus. It is important to improve the dirt in the body and a healthy diet is the first treasure. If you go to a doctor, you will be given a lot of drugs and medicines. Additives. Vaccines. Pesticides are refined from petroleum and are like petrol. The internet states that if one patient comes to the hospital, ten years later he or she will be given ten different medicines and the hospital will make a profit of 10 million yen per patient. If medicines are taken and put into the body, side effects naturally cause ill health. Most people with polluted blood are prone to hay fever, colds and cancer. Since 2007, 12,000 people have been sold to date. The rejuvenation of ageing in particular is astounding. The voice of the person who experiences the improvement of dirty blood is why [reviving water] The technology that decomposes 3333 tsubo of pond in five hours with electrons radiated from ceramics decomposes dirty water and bad odours. The technology that decomposes bacteria with nano-micro decomposition phenomenon [Reviving water] does not allow mould to settle on the ceramics that it produces. Strawberry 14 days mold does not stay close and a reviving phenomenon that is hard to catch a cold was created. Antibacterial sardine dishes are [reviving water] Sardine dishes after 6 months of stewing ginger do not get mould at all and bacteria do not come close. It is hard to catch a cold. Gargle your throat and mouth and eat antibacterial immune dishes.

6. Bio-hospital



Technology for plants to produce sap and heal wounds after trunk damage.

The famous light 00 treatment says that the cancer grows by taking drugs and puncturing them with light. The cancer can't cope with the treatment coming from the cells and the blood can't be cleaned, so it is drugged forever. When a plant has a wound in its trunk, it transfers the function of sap from the trunk to the reviving water to heal the wound. The temperature was 38.5°C after the administration of the infusion of reviving water. Cellular enzyme activity against cancer and incurable diseases. Cells with a rapidly rising body temperature contain five types of metal. Cellular activity reacting to the five metals in the body radiating electrons from the reviving water is a 'yin' x 'yang' = fast rotation around the 36 trillion cells. The broken cells from the basal layer repeatedly multiply like amoebas, and even major burns are fundamentally healed without leaving scars. The cause of menopause, the decrease in the female hormone estrogen, is fundamentally improved by the plant's simulation technology. People who drink the reviving water say their bodies are hot and assume that macrophages attack breast cancer and cancer. My mother had high blood pressure of 200 for 20 years. The hospital management doctors used all kinds of wisdom to administer medicines to my mother for 20 years. There was no change in blood pressure, and the effect was due to graphene hydroxide kneaded into the medicine. Before the development of the herbal medicine in 1991, the herbalist studied the oil-dissolving orange peel limonene. Two weeks later, the mother had 120.The doctor asked what she had done. All food washed in tap water flows destructively fluidly into nature as putrefaction and deterioration. The oxidised food pollutes the blood and lifestyle-related diseases begin. Food in the reviving water has no decay after 10 years.

7. incurable disease



AIDS. Malaria. Ebola. Tuberculosis. Fundamental Cures.

Reviving water infusion solutions. The invention of vaccines, drinking water. The vaccine was used for cooking water, which did not cause any side effects, cleaned the blood and fundamentally cured 100,000 people of incurable diseases. To make drinking water, sera is placed in a 5 litre tank for 14 days. The surprise that the broken ball on the ceiling of the studio 5m away lit up every time it was transferred to a bucket and moved 1m away. Electrons dissolve sewage. Thrombus dissolution. In reviving water. Eels. Mackerel. Sardine. When bonito is put on, the fat easily dissolves, the discovery of water in which the diabetes of hospitalised patients disappeared for 14 days. The sewage purification and decomposition that accumulated in the body is the freshwater red tide BOD14 that springs up in the precincts of the shrine, and when it rained, the red tide disappeared instantly by the power of electrons. The sewage purification was oxidised by the power of electrons. →Decomposition. →Compression. →Coagulation. →BOD 2.6. discovered a mechanism to purify water by expanding the area of sewage in five processes. Drip solution dissolves accumulated fat in the body. Leads to blood contamination purification. The ability of plants to heal damaged cells by producing sap when wounded was transferred to the reviving water. The effect of the plant's infusion solution on stopping putrefaction was such that milk would have stopped decomposing instantly and breast cancer stage 4 would have disappeared. AIDS. Malaria. Ebola high fever haemorrhage. Tuberculosis. Syphilis'. Protozoan wyslls, e.g. bees. Mosquito bites, reviving water is the poison structure. 'Yin' x 'Yang' = ionic benzene nucleus after dismemberment by electrons, assumed to be thrombolysis, after which the poison reaction disappears and the pit viper's poison also disappears. Vegetables" in reviving water. Fruit" soaked and no spoilage for 12 years. IV fluids/vaccines Dirty blood becomes transparent and dissolves poisons in the body. Solution to the world's most difficult problems in progress.




Dirty cerebral blood purification Reviving water Reviving electronic technology

Reviving Water Esthetique HEADSPA original refining technology self-taught invention: 30 years ago, barbering techniques were based on hand rubbing the back of the neck to improve shoulder discomfort, and barber management barbers felt the limitations of their hair techniques and 'wished to be of service to the world', and the world of health began to be restored. The basic skills are skin and hair chemistry. The plant technology transfers the wound-healing action of sap produced when the trunk is wounded to the reviving water, which has been used for 30 years to purify polluted blood. The million times experiment has revealed that all the diseases that doctors have diagnosed have been caused by dirty blood, and the invention of the reviving pond has laid the foundations for improving the constitution of the body. The reason why doctors are unable to cure incurable diseases is that sewage is the same as dirt in human cells. Dementia begins at the age of 20. From an early age, mobile phones. PCs. The daily use of mobile phones, computers and video games causes electromagnetic waves to accumulate in the forehead, frontal lobe and cerebrum, and memory and sleep disorders start to occur. In the SDGs, all the countries that have achieved the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were assessed as being worthy of the Nobel Prize. The following is an example of a book on past achievements in constitutional improvement. Headaches. Leucorrhoea. Menopausal disorders in men and women. Corona aftereffects. Dementia. Breast cancer. Sore throat. Chest pain. Mouth ulcers. Broken 36 trillion physical conditions. High blood pressure. Constipation. Tendonitis. Hydrocele. Cancer incurable diseases. Hay fever. Eye fatigue. Cataract. Hay fever. Shoulder stiffness. Headaches. Back pain. Diabetes. Generalised pain. Sleep disorders Sleep leads to deep deep sea sleep Delta wave sleep. Improves labour fatigue. Leads to health, beauty and youthfulness in ageing. Conceived, developed and perfected to benefit people of all ages and genders.

9. health



Disease elimination at home Cost-effectiveness in the hundreds of millions over a lifetime

Disease originates in the kitchen. 100% of food spoils after washing with tap water. Oxidised food pollutes the blood and lifestyle-related diseases start. If you go to hospital, you are given medicine and after 10 years your body deteriorates. Doctors have not learnt medicine to cure. Synthetic drugs made from petroleum pollute the blood and some people develop cancer. Asthma. Headaches. Hay fever. 20 years ago, the cost of medical care was 20 trillion yen. In 30 years' time, the cost of healthcare will exceed 100 trillion yen. Who will protect your body too, healthy food washed with reviving water: fish. Vegetables. Fruits" Fresh foodstuffs that have been improved. Immunity. Healing power. The body is equipped with". The blood becomes clean and the body is made disease-resistant in the house. Furthermore, by installing water-cleaning bio-ceramics in places where the wind passes through the house, the house is exposed to the wind, which creates an antibacterial effect and purifies the blood when you breathe. Whenever you go to the doctor, you take drugs and the side effects can lead to a life of hospital visits, with 10 million people suffering from diabetes. Eat healthy vegetables washed in reviving water. Boil 1 litre of reviving water a day and drink 1 litre of tea. Drink 4 litres a day to improve your constitution. Toxins accumulated in the body "Radioactivity. Pesticides. Chemicals. Additives. Chemicals. Medicines. 'Vaccines' Urinary and faecal dox. Dirty food scum in the body is excreted and blood is bright red. Cost-effectiveness for the inhabitants: 2 million yen saved per year; 20 million yen for 10 years; 80 million yen saved for 40 yearsThe economic effect on life is several hundred million yen if you have good health!

10.otel Rejuvenation




HOTEL Poison-free inn HOTEL 14-day healing inn for duration of stay

The bio-medicine of plants, which is the basis of the SPA Resort, is [preventive medicine before illness] [reviving medicine after illness] The immunity of plants is transferred to the technology of plants that heal wounds by releasing sap when a wound occurs on the trunk, and reviving water. 38-year-old housewife wrote in her experience that her skin was cut in the kitchen and that the wound healed immediately. The technology in nature [biological model] technology is a model for plants: a major burn at 200°C in tempura was not damaged and healed fundamentally in two weeks. When you touch the reviving water, you can urinate faster due to cellular activity. The revitalising water invented a technology that makes it eight times more effective than yam diosgenin, which is effective against cancer. By eating yams, 14 cm cancer cells have been reduced to 3 cm. After drinking 2 litres of reviving water a day, the food scraps from the past that had accumulated in the body (pesticides. (Pesticides. Radioactivity. Chemicals. Medicine. Vaccine poisons. Food additives. Detergents. (fats and oils) After urinary and faecal cleansing, the incurable diseases given by doctors are purified from blood stains and the blood is bright red. After washing with reviving water, the freshness of oxidised vegetables and fruit is revived after 9 hours. This is a dojo where broken cells are revived by eating 'reviving food with immunity, which is delicious and tonic for demand' and promotes the body to improve the fundamental resort constitution. Improvement of food and water has a track record of decomposing 3333 tsubo of polluted water in 5 hours, with a health track record of 100,000 people. Cell Rejuvenation Dementia Improvement SPA, which contains weak electrons, steams reviving water and promotes the flow of blood to the brain, and HEAD SPA, which heals the brain, is a constitution care technology that leads the body, mind and brain to health, which is why it is called oxytocin (happiness hormone). Food healing. Cellular healing technology.

11. ultimate drink



Air oxidation revives water Daiginjo & Imperial wine

2007 - Strawberries in reviving water, not rotten, attached in 2007. 2012 - Vegetables. Fruit did not rot. Wine. Sake. Daiginjo. Wine... unparalleled sake development.

The longevity of our predecessors' 100 medicines was achieved when they drank too much alcohol and became hungover, vomiting and declaring in the morning that they would drink no more. How many people in Japan have said that they vomited and declared in the morning that they would never drink again, but at night they drank their fill and the next day they were done with drinking? They are obese, diabetic, have cancer, and are losing their health. The "Reviving Water" is a product that can fundamentally heal incurable illnesses that doctors have diagnosed through the improvement of food and water. Various wastes are accumulated in the blood. The internal food waste we ate in the past is 'medicine. 3300 food additives. Fats and oils. Pesticides. Chemicals. Cancer. Sugar' ... polluting the blood. Immunity lowering pollen. Lifestyle-related diseases cost 380,000 yen per person x 4 family members = 1.51 million yen per year in medical costs. 436 billion yen in medical costs put pressure on national finances. Development has been carried out for 30 years to develop the foundation of health, which is 60-80% of the body. 83% of the blood. The water is drunk with electrons contained in it. When you gargle, asthma germs such as fresh corona bacteria that have built up in the back of your throat are dissolved out. The technology has led 100,000 people to good health and reduced medical costs by 380 billion yen. The rice-cooking technology is a clear water that does not spoil for 10 years, even if the rice or rice is put in a bottle, which is delicious even when cold. Brandy to this end. Whisky production used to be laid down for years [Reviving water] The ingredients are prepared, fermentation starts the next day and the water becomes cloudy. Fermentation, maturation and mellowing: the water becomes clear in 14 days. Liquor, whisky and brandy shortening technology.

12. Kazuyoaka



Reviving water revives food oxidation Prosperous restaurant building techniques


A izakaya in Okayama City, which is privately run by a parent and his daughter, was very surprised at the freshness of the ingredients treated with reviving water. Oxidised foodstuffs were treated with revitalising water and in nine hours, the harmony of the flavour components extracted was harmonised, and inosinic acid, glutamate and glutamine acids were extracted. Glutamic acid. Amino acids. Citric acid. Acetic acid. The food has an aroma that has not been present until now. After processing the sea cucumber, you will be amazed at its jewel-like beauty and brilliance. ‼️ Customers say that whatever they eat here is good, and word of mouth has made the restaurant prosperous. 200 people a day turn it down, and it's been busy and tired for three years. I don't want the restaurant to go out of fashion any more. I don't want the restaurant to become any more popular," he said. I don't want the restaurant to become any more popular. True story. Large companies need water to revive. Disease is blood contamination. Restaurant bankruptcy is food oxidation. The cause of the recession starting with restaurants is "1) agriculture, 2) fruit, 3) livestock, 4) fisheries, 5) seasonings, 6) alcohol"... Six industries are suffering from sluggish sales. The root cause is that 50% of restaurants go bankrupt within six months of opening, and 80% within five years. The only way to grow the industry is to have a mechanism to increase annual income. The restaurant business is in vogue, and food poisoning bacteria are decomposed instantly. Revive food oxidation. Make people say it tastes good. A revolution in taste that spreads through the mouth is necessary for restaurant management. This mechanism is not available in the restaurant industry. Food consultants don't know anything about it. It is no exaggeration to say that the recession is being created by food and beverage consultants. Fruit industry. Fisheries. Livestock. Liquor industry. Seasoning companies can increase sales and turn recession into boom.

13 Fruit Export


Fruit and vegetables: specialised technology to restore oxidised freshness.

Mystery solved as to which fruits have carbohydrates by conducting a fruit experiment on reviving water. Bananas.", which started in August 2008. Peach. Pineapple. Watermelon. Persimmon. Apples. Mandarins. Hassaku. Figs"... Two sugars, (1) fructose and (2) glucose, exist in the fruit on their own. After washing the food with reviving water and leaving it to stand, the electronic technology combines the two sugars => "Sillosugar", which turns out to be the sweetest carbohydrate. Amino acids are multiplied to create a harmony of flavours. It turns into a delicious fruit. Pesticides and additivesWhen bananas are washed, "acetic acid, citric acid. Amino acids. The banana becomes a fruity banana that has never been produced before. When reviving water is "put in a mist and sprayed on", it passes through the cells instantly. The sugar content of Okayama white peaches rose instantly from 11.6 to 15.6. Fuji apples washed with reviving water, after two weeks - the sugar (nectar) was stored in the cells and the sugar content increased. The phenomenon of the decomposition of synthetic preservatives and additives when instant noodles are made had its basis in the confirmation of the phenomenon 10 years ago. When cooking with the revived water, sugar is added to season the food, but it does not taste sweet at all, no matter how many times it is added. Why: The reviving water is equipped with the ultimate technology to remove the raw material of additive: oxidised sugar, the ionic structure benzene nucleus, and turn bad things into safe food. At the time, we didn't know what we were doing and it was a valuable experiment!

14, BIO Cosmetics



Rejuvenation of ageing cells 28 Theory of Rejuvenation Technology

An 88-year-old old woman with ageing cells had a variety of ailments. Diabetes. Blood clots. Cataracts. Nail worms. Back pain. Rejuvenation of the cells, osteoporosis disappears and even blood clots are broken down. 60 year olds are amazed at the rejuvenation of their bone density. One in two people with cancer passes away in one million people a year. Cancer and breast cancer clarified. Washing food with tap water causes 100% rotting. Oxidised food with food additives that pollute the blood... lifestyle-related diseases start, cancerous substances enter the blood and diabetes. Cancer is created. Clarification of the phenomenon of milk rotting at 3°C in the fridge. The water that revives was added to 30% of the milk and left at room temperature. 2 weeks later, the milk did not putrefy and turned into cheese without rotting. Successfully developed technology to protect women's breasts from rotting as well. Dirty blood is demanded by electrons radiated from the reviving water to decompose sewage in the body and urinary excretion. This led to the invention of cell-activated rejuvenation. Beauty industry roughness improvement SHAMPOO, hairdressing roughness, botanical exemplar, skin-to-skin bonding improved in 14 days, incurable designated ringworm fungus springing up on the scalp improved in two weeks. Advanced biotechnological living decomposes corona poisons, reviving water life, 100,000 people do not catch colds and medical costs are reduced by 380 billion yen. The plant's electronic technology invention was the most outstanding technology was cell rejuvenation. Cells, skin and blood are all rejuvenated when they are improved. Old, damaged and broken. Bio-cosmetics to revive ageing cells builds various foundations.


開発は ゼロ~100万回実験に成功!政府の評価全て技術項目はノーベル賞と回答!世界NO.1技術